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Motorvision TV launches in five new international markets
09 Dec

Motorvision TV launches in five new international markets

Motorvision TV, the HD pay-TV channel for petrolheads continues its international expansion with launches in Australia, Cyprus, Portugal, Angola and Mozambique.

Driving The Dream

With the latest additions, Motorvision TV is now available in a total of 22 countries on four continents. In Portugal, the channel can be received on the NOS platform and in Angola and Mozambique at ZAP, an affiliate of the Portuguese NOS group. In all three countries, the programmes are shown in English language with Portuguese subtitles.

In Cyprus, Motorvision TV is carried on the PrimeTel platform in English with Greek subtitles. In Australia, Motorvision TV has partnered with Swift which distributes the programmes on the Wizzie platform.

Motorvision TV has also expanded its presence in Malaysia: The channel now belongs to the sports package of the IPTV service offered by Telekom Malaysia, increasing the number of viewers it reaches in the country.