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Motorvision announce new distribution deals brokered by 3Vision Distribution
06 Oct

Motorvision announce new distribution deals brokered by 3Vision Distribution

MOTORVISION GROUP International Expansion Drive Continues

MOTORVISION has launched in another two countries and is now available in a total of 26 countries over four continents.

Munich, 5th of October 2015 – The MOTORVISION Group strategically drives forward its expansion with the launch of their TV offerings in two further countries. With new contracts recently agreed in Taiwan and Serbia and contract renewals in other territories, the motorsports channel MOTORVISION TV can now be received in 26 countries on four continents.

MOTORVISION TV can now be received in Taiwan over Chunghwa Telecom on its largest Multimedia-on-Demand (MOD) platform.  MOTORVISION TV is part of the second largest program package and can therefore be seen by more than 300.000 subscribers.

In Serbia MOTORVISION TV has reached a distribution agreement with Telekom Srbija. With its headquarters in Belgrade, the company provides landlines, mobile phone services and is also an internet service provider.

MOTORVISION TV in France is now also available through FREE, apart from being available on Orange. FREE also offers MOTORVISION TV in high-definition on Channel 145 for 99 cents per month. FREE is a subsidiary of Iliad and offers a wide range of services, including Internet, telecommunications and TV.

In Slovenia MOTORVISION TV has renewed its contract with Telekom Slovenije and is part of the Mega HD package.  As of 2nd July, 2015 CATV has become MOTORVISION TV's second partner in this country. Here MOTORVISION TV can be received over the KRS service.

In Cyprus the channel is already being broadcast on Primetel in English with Greek subtitles. Additionally, since July 2015 MOTORVISION TV can be received in high-definition on Cablenet Communication.

MOTORVISION TV has also renewed its existing partnership in Romania. It continues to be broadcast over ORANGE TV.

Worldwide MOTORVISION TV can now be received by a total of 9 million subscribers.

The distribution deals with Telekom Srbija, Cablenet Communication in Cyprus and Orange TV in Romania were negotiated by US Media (James Wells) - the partnership with Free in France was negotiated by US Media (James Wells)  and Nicolas Gorse. 3Vision Distribution has acted as an intermediary for the cooperation in Slovenia with Telekom Slovenije and CATV Selnica (KRS). The partnership with MOD and Chunghwa Telecom in Taiwan was negotiated by Multi Channels Asia (MCA).